Buy frozen acai in bulk: an opportunity to include in your restaurant or bar menu

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January 27, 2020
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February 3, 2020

Buy frozen acai in bulk: an opportunity to include in your restaurant or bar menu

Buying frozen acai in bulk - acai bowl over a table full of acai berries

Buy frozen acai in bulk: acai fruit market is growing worldwide. Practical offer (frozen: easy for handling and storing) plus customer demand (versatile, delicious and good for your health) were key factors for this boom. Learn how to start now and include this healthy menu option in your restaurant, bar, gym, food truck.

Buy frozen acai in bulk – learn more about this growing market

To understand and learn more about how to Buy frozen acai in bulk, we must start with the basics: acai industry, the purple Amazonian fruit. It is well known nowadays in Australia all the health benefits from this tropical fruit.

Ok, healthy and delicious. But also growing and versatile? – Acai industry is booming in recent years, according to IBGE, Brazil’s government data research agency. Brazil is a leader  in frozen acai production. Exports was and still is boosted by the convenience and simplicity of frozen pulp handling and by the pleasant flavour of this nutritious fruit. And we’re  not talking only about the food industry, but as well as the Health and Beauty products and services industry. Acai consumption is not only growing in Brazil, but also in Australia. Forecasts of an annual +10% growth.

Acai Tub

This Amazonian fruit is versatile for several markets’ usage and within each one of them, also allows the production of a wide range of potential products. 

If you are working in the Health and Beauty market (RAWW Cosmetics type of store), key products that can be produced from acai fruit go from lotions (hair, face and body) to mascaras (hair, face and body) passing thru shampoos and soap bars.

But if you work in the food industry, being the proud owner of a healthy food catering business (restaurants , bar, food truck, private catering, meal supplier etc), acai is not just about puree in a bowl or juices. There are endless  options, both delicious and nutritious, and easy to prepare to include in your healthy menu. 

Is there a market for Acai in Australia?

UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil ) conducted a research to analyze the potential of an “Acai Distributor in Australia”. Since the country is leading Acai global production, the study analyzed sustainable growth in local production value chain, including potential and growing international markets. 

Australia was one of the potential international markets selected, hence the country today is Brazil’s 3rd frozen acai pulp destination.

Delicious, nutritious and growing. Start now or leverage your current healthy menu with acai-based delicious and nutritious options. 

Australia has several reliable online frozen acai pulp suppliers. All following strict international and national food regulations.

Tropical Brazil is one of Australia’s top  frozen pulp suppliers and with a flexible bulk purchase policy. Click in the button below to learn more or request a visit! 

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