We are specialist importer of high-quality frozen fruit pulp and Açaí from Brazil

We are specialist importer of high-quality frozen fruit pulp and Açaí from Brazil

Açaí (ah-sah-EE) is a super berry from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Açaí is known as a superfood due to its many antioxidants and healthy benefits. It:

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promotes heart health


is rich in antioxidants

coracao rosa

has anti-aging effects

coracao rosa

helps digestion

coracao rosa

boosts energy

coracao rosa

improves concentration

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Our range of Acai products are designed to offer the ease that your business is looking for. Just Browse and look at the healthy and delicious products and frozen pulps delivered wholesale directly to your business, Australia wide.



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We have been serving our Açaí and Frozen fruit pulp since 2016.
We offer different sizes and packages to our retailers, grocers, gyms,
juice bars, restaurantes, and café customers.

Meet our family

We do what we love! We help customers to provide solutions with quality, innovation, strategy and great customer service.

Two entrepreneurial brothers who believe that hope and dedication are the most powerful combination for dreams to come true

Two brothers and one dream, combined with a huge amount of dedication and amazing support made this dream a reality. In 2015 the dream became a name – Tropical Brazil. The team launched the business to bring original Creamy Acai from the Amazon Rainforest to Australia. Based in Sydney, Tropical Brazil is focused on supplying products with incredible taste to boost your nutrition and lifestyle. While premium Acai comes directly from the Amazon, it has become extremely popular in Australia as its loaded with health and nutritional benefits and tastes amazing. For these reasons, brothers Ricardo and Rodrigo Fio have gone the extra mile to bring true acai from Brazil all the way to Australia.

Blended Acai with Guarana is the traditional recipe, being extremely creamy and having an intense purple colour. It is ready to eat straight from the bucket; making bowls and smoothies faster and easier to prepare – not to mention its incredible taste. The best part of all is how easy it is for staff to serve – all you have to do is just scoop it straight from the bucket, choose our favourite toppings and serve it to your customer. 

For smoothies it is less than 3 minutes in a blender, and you have amazing consistency. Our Acai Cream is scoopable and is also suitable for soft serve machines. Our products are easy to implement and profitable for your business.

We also have Pure acai and Acai Bowl Sachets for those who love to create their own recipes. For grocers we offer a great range of products including grab and go packages which are also popular. Tropical Brazil supplies Australian businesses with the best quality Acai. The producer working with premium and selected berries – ‘Mais Fruta’, is committed to environmental sustainability, ensuring that it always operates accordingly and sustainably. Tropical Brazil prides itself on using recyclable packages and has also designed a line of eco-friendly products to encourage consumers to join us in this movement. We provide reusable bowls, spoons and straws to reduce our environmental footprint and help our planet.

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    Meet our Partners

    Tropical Brazil, together with our partner’s support, has made it possible to supply Brazil’s very finest frozen fruit pulp and the creamiest açaí directly from the Amazon rainforest to Australia.

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