Alexandre Valverde – Xandinho

Gabi Spake Ambassador
August 13, 2018



Alexandre Valverde – Xandinho 

Alexandre Augusto Valverde Pinto – Xandinho , 32 years old. 

My name is Alexandre Augusto Valverde Pinto – Xandinho, I’m 32 years old born in Valinhos, small city of Sao Paulo Capital. I have been practicing Jiu Jitsu since 2001.

I’m a Black belt graduated by my Master Roberto Tozi from Roberto Godoy G13 Jiu Jitsu Academy in Brazil. 
In the past, I used to teach Jiu Jitsu in 2011, but I had to stop teaching to dedicate myself to the Environmental Engineering University, that I had begun.
The year of 2007 I started  training boxing and Muay Thai, and in 2009 I have made my first professional MMA fight where I won by unanimous decision. 

My training routine includes 2 sessions of training every second day, and in between I do weights.

Back in 2016, I came to Australia, and I started training in the Legacy with Professor Thiago Braga where I was very well received by the team and today I consider them my family here.

Club: Legacy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Started Training: 15 year old

Sponsored: Tropical Brazil and Legacy Brazilian Jiu

Started Compete: Just after 6 months

Favourite Fighter: Ronaldo Jacare

Results of my competitions in Australia:

2016: Newcastle Open NSW vs Victoria 🥈Silver Medalist 

2018: NSW Championship in my Division🥇Gold Medal 

2018: NSW Championship – Open Weights 🥈Silver Medalist

2018: ADCC No-GI 🥉Bronze Medal   

2018: Autum Cup in my Division🥇Gold Medal

2018: Autum Cup – Open Weights🥉Bronze Medal   

2018: Sub Only No-GI🥇Gold Medal

2018: Sub Only GI🥇Gold Medal

2018: Newcastle Open🥈Silver Medal