top 5 played sports in australia
Top 5 played sports in Australia
April 13, 2023
bulk frozen fruit pulps
Bulk Frozen Fruit Pulps
May 24, 2023
top 5 played sports in australia
Top 5 played sports in Australia
April 13, 2023
bulk frozen fruit pulps
Bulk Frozen Fruit Pulps
May 24, 2023

5 tips to marketing an açaí bowl business

There’s a growing market that moves around 2 billion dollars worldwide and has been reaching out to more people each day as part of a new food culture. We’re talking about Açaí. Originally from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, açaí bowls have become incredibly popular around the world and in Australia. If you own a Cafe or a restaurant and haven’t added an açaí bowl to your menu yet, you can probably say your competition might be ahead of you. And if you plan on starting out your açaí store and don’t know where to go, we’ve separated 5 tips to marketing an açaí bowl business and help you out. It’s important to understand that this is a thriving business that is still being explored and with many gaps to be filled, but since the 90’s, açaí has been widely exported to many countries with a clientele eager to consume it, and if you know any brazilian communities in your country, be sure they’ll be your faithful customers. So just keep reading if you want to know more about making an açaí business work.

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1 - Stress the “healthy”

Mostly everybody loves açaí and it has earned the attention of the new generations as concerns with health have been more and more present in your society today more and more. Exploring the fact that açaí is in fact a superfruit healthier than most of them is a great way to promote your product and your business. 

Açaí has become increasingly more popular among athletes and in Australia, surfers have adopted it as a lifestyle. Nothing better than a Açaí bowl on a hot sunny day after surfing. These are customers that have a specific routine and stick to it, and by providing a quality product that fits their lifestyle, they’ll be eager to come back to your cafe. You can explore the fact that açaí acts as an awesome energy booster for a pre workout session or a surfing session. And that the great number of antioxidants present in açaí cleanse your body against free radicals and improve body function.


2 - Explore the media

We have to admit, pictures of food make us want to eat them. A good presentation is key to selling food and an açaí bowl comes in as a super photogenic dish. Instagram and social media are a great way to promote your business. 

First step is to have a product that is appealing. An açaí bowl usually comes with slices of strawberry, bananas, kiwi, honey, blueberry, granola, and whatever you think fits with it, or whatever your customers like to put on it. 

After you’ve made your açaí bowl an attractive dish, time to get a professional photographer for amazing and appealing pictures. As the product itself is already good looking, your clients will also post pictures of it online and that’ll spread the word. If you already own a business you know how important it is to have a beautiful dish that’ll make people market it for you.

3 - Focus on customer loyalty

It’s great to have new customers coming in all the time and getting to know your business. But research shows that most of your income will come from existing customers. So the goal is to get all these newcomers and turn them into your loyal customers. A great way to do it is to create loyalty programs for your frequent goers. For example, after 5 açaí bowls, the client gets a free açaí smoothie. Or if they bring a friend, they can get their bowl for free. You decide. There are many inventive ways of making people feel special and excited about going to your store and being well treated.


4 - Look for partnerships

As we’ve mentioned before, açaí bowls are famously healthy and popular among people who look for a healthier lifestyle, surfers, joggers, athletes in general. So a great idea to bring your product to the public is to make partnerships with other businesses that have to do with yours and to your clients. Deals with gyms and stores that sell healthy foods like organic food, supplements and protein bars are a win-win situation. You can make special prices for your partner’s clients or even give-aways. By putting your brand into the social circle that consumes products related to health and lifestyle, you’ll make your business look even more professional while having your name circling around in many different places.

5 - Find a good wholesale açaí supplier

Quality product is paramount and comes before any business is open to the public. All açaí products come from Brazil and finding a good supplier that you can trust will be key to make it all work. The advantages of buying from a wholesale supplier is that you can buy many different products in bulk. You can get your frozen scoopable açaí at a great price when buying from a supplier and still get good deals on other products related to it, like fruit pulp for delicious juices you can’t easily find nationally.

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