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Tropical Brazil Bring Açaí straight from the Amazonia to Australia

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What are the benefits?

Açaí ( ah-sah-EE ) is a super berry from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Acai is known as a superfood, because it has lots of nutrition, antioxidants and benefits for health.

Tropical Brazil bring the premium Acai straight from the Amazonia to Australia.

This purple berry holds a great number of health benefits.

Our range of Acai products are designed to offer the facility that your business are looking for. Just browse and check this healthy and delicious acai products, also the exotics frozen fruit pulps delivered wholesale, direct to your business, Australia wide.

cost efficient
grab & go
suitable for soft serve machines
has anti-aging effects
promotes heart health
rich in antioxidants
bosts energy
Helps Digestion
helps digestion

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The Tropical Brazil Partners

Delivering healthy açaí and pulps to the people of Australia

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Tropical Brazil together with our partners support made it possible to supply the very finest Brazilian’s frozen fruits pulps and the creamiest acai directly from the Amazon rainforest to across Australia. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services to our valued customers.

As we’re the leading acai wholesaler and supplier in Australia, we’re able to deliver our healthy and creamy acai pulps throughout


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How to become an acai wholesaler in Australia?

If you believe in the superfood power of acai and are interested in acai wholesale, or if you’d like to become an acai supplier in Sydney and Melbourne, then we’d love to hear from you!We are passionate about acai and its health benefits, and want people all around Australia to know about this marvellous project.You can reach us by phone on
(02) 8407 9135, or by using our online enquiry form here.

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