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Frozen Fruit Pulps Bring Acai straight from the Amazonia to Australia

What are the benefits?

Acai ( ah-sah-EE ) is a super berry from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Acai is known as a superfood, because it has lots of nutrition, antioxidants and benefits for health.

Frozen Fruit Pulps come straight from the Amazonia in Brazil, and include a great number of health benefits – not to mention all of them are natural and have no added sugar!

Just browse our range of healthy and delicious fruit pulps including acai, discover the health benefits and have your favourite flavours delivered wholesale, direct to your business, Australia wide.

Acai + Pulps

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Where to Find Us

The Tropical Brazil Partners

We proudly have some partners who have joined us on this journey to become acai suppliers and offer those living in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland the extensive health benefits of our frozen fruit pulps.

Brah Superfood in Queensland and Kings Acai in Melbourne have vast knowledge and expertise in acai and are dedicated to helping people learn about the vast health benefits of acai and superfoods. We deliver to you with the same dedication we look after our customers in NSW. If you would like to know more about our fantastic partners and enquire about the products, please visit their websites!


How to become an acai wholesaler in Australia

If you believe in the superfood power of acai and are interested in acai wholesale, or if you’d like to become an acai supplier in Sydney and Melbourne, then we’d love to hear from you!

We are passionate about acai and its health benefits, and want people all around Australia to know about this marvellous project.

You can reach us by phone on (02) 8407 9135, or by using our online enquiry form here.

  • Felipe Mattos
    Hi!I am Felipe Mattos personal trainer in Sydney - Australia.I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Tropical Brazil for bringing the best Açai of all times to Australia !Since when I moved from Brazil to Australia in 2014 I could never find a good Açai as we have in Brazil.And yes, I was really missing it big time !!First time I have tried Tropical Brazil Açai I couldn't believe it ! It is the same we've got in Brazil !!! =DI was so happy but so happy that I had 500g in one sit =DMy favorite one it is the Açai Zero. I always mix it up with fruits and plant based protein powder and it taste AMAZING !Thank you so much Tropical Brazil you are the best ! 
    Felipe Mattos
  • Tribo Acai
    Over a year Tropical Brazil has been our supplier, bringing the best frozen pulp fruit and the most creamy Acai from Brazil.
    With Tropical Brazil the number of customers increased severely become loyal's costumers.
    We are so happy to work with Tropical Brazil and would like to say thank you for their attention.
    Tribo Açaí
    Tribo Acai
  • Mateus Bersot 12y.o
    I always start off my morning with Tropical Brazil's Acai, I like this because it gives light to my stomach. Tropical Brazil's Acai also gives me a boost of energy before I go for a surf which helps me to surf better and longer, also the Acai obviously taste amazing.
    Mateus Bersot 12y.o
  • Lucas Bersot 15y.o.
    Tropical Brazil Acai is great tasting real Acai. It gives me the energy in the morning to go to school and focus on school work. It also gives me the energy I need for the sport activities I do especially surfing.
    Lucas Bersot 15y.o.