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Scoopable Açaí

Scoopable Açaí

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Scoopable Açaí

With its ice cream like texture, the scoopable Açaí has found a place in Australia’s everyday life. The small, purple berry with a distinct and unique taste has crossed the ocean from Brazil to make people’s lives healthier and more refreshing.

Açaí is a market that has been growing steadily and constantly over the last 10 years and has been expanding around the world. We’ve put together different ways to enjoy your scoopable Açaí and a few ideas for coffee shops or restaurants to adopt for an amazing experience with this exotic berry.

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Açaí Origin

The name itself comes from an old Tupi (indian brazilian tribe) word and means “crying fruit”, and points out the abundance of water in these tiny berries, not to mention the amazing nutritional value which gives it the fame of superfruit.

The Açaí berries are extracted manually from the Amazon forest and then go through an important cleaning and disinfection process.

It is common to find the vector of Chagas disease in the Açaí palm tree, so eating it raw without a proper cleansing of the berry is actually a dangerous thing to do and that’s why you must to buy Frozen Açaí from a good producer as Tropical Brazil Açaí.

After the harvest and the proper cleaning process, it is frozen immediately in order to keep all nutritional properties (it needs to be frozen in less than 24 hours of extraction). Curiously, Açaí berries have a very short shelf-life that lasts around a day, so the process of harvesting, cleaning, conservation and transportation must be respected in order to keep it in the best form possible and preserve the flavor and nutrients as well. 

Approximately 80 percent of the Açaí berry is just the seed. The other 20 percent contains basically all nutritional value and it’s what we use to make the blends and all the Açaí products we eat.

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About the Scoopable Açaí

Introduction to scoopable Açaí and its benefits

Scoopable Açaí is a convenient and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of this superfood. Made from high-quality frozen Açaí pulp, scoopable Açaí is easy to use and can be added to a variety of dishes, from smoothies and bowls to ice cream and yogurt. With its high antioxidant content, Açaí is known to promote heart health, improve digestion, boost energy and improve concentration. Tropical Brazil is a specialist importer of high-quality frozen Açaí pulp and offers a wide range of scoopable Açaí products that are perfect for adding to your menu or using in your gym or fitness center.

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How scoopable Açaí could be the perfect solution for businesses without a soft serve machine

Adding scoopable Açaí to your menu can be a great way to attract more customers to your café or restaurant, even if you don’t have a soft-serve machine. 

With scoopable Açaí, you can easily create delicious and healthy Açaí bowls, smoothies, and other dishes without the need for any expensive equipment. 

Scoopable Açaí, made from high-quality frozen Açaí pulp, is easy to use and can be stored in your freezer for future use. 

Tropical Brazil offers a wide range of scoopable Açaí products that are perfect for adding to your menu. This way, you can appeal to customers who are looking for healthy and delicious options, without the need for a soft serve machine.

Scoopable açaí blends

You can also find scoopable blends with Guaraná, another Brazilian fruit often mixed with Açaí. This combination adds sweetness to the blend and results in a more energetic food, as Guaraná contains caffeine that is slowly digested by our bodies and helps us keep the energy boost for a longer period of time.

For people who own a restaurant or a coffee shop, it’s important to know the taste of your customers. Açaí served with bananas and granola has been for sure the most popular combination around. Strawberries and kiwi with a little bit of honey is also amazingly popular and can be served as a full, healthy meal.

Açaí Benefits

Açaí owns the title of superfruit for pretty obvious reasons. It is known as the most powerful antioxidant you can find and comparing it to other fruits is just not fair. Antioxidants prevent the oxidative processes and keep harmful substances away from damaging our body, so basically Açaí acts as a “natural cleanser”, and as taking care of our health has been a growing preoccupation for the last decade, specially among young people, an Açaí smoothie or a scoopable bowl have been sought after more and more, and getting even more popular in countries like Australia, United States, Brazil and other places with beach culture and sunny days as well. Some benefits of including Açaí on your diet include:

  • Delays aging

Anthocyanin is a substance (that can also be found in red wine) that directly reduces damage caused by free radicals in our body and works on skin, eyesight and muscle tissue.

  • Boosts energy

Açaí works supporting all major systems in your body (digestive, cardiovascular and nervous) and the result is a body that works more effectively, with more energy and disposition. It’s a great pre-train energy boost. 

  • Prevents degenerative diseases

In recent years, research has shown that the antioxidants also have effects against beta-amyloid, a protein that has been linked to the development of diseases like Alzheimer.

  • Good for blood vessels

We know Açaí is great for athletes, and one of the main reasons is the way it helps the cardiovascular system. Açaí 

  • Helps with constipation

Filled with fiber, Açaí helps with digestion and it’s great for people with constipation issues or bad function of the digestive system.

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If you’re looking to sell Açaí, it’s important to know that it’s a growing market that walks together with culture, sports, and the idea of a healthier lifestyle that has been getting popular among the new generations. Tropical Brazil is a wholesale market that distributes scoopable Açaí in Australia and many other products from Brazil with guaranteed quality and organic flavour.  We have special prices for B2B. If you are a restaurant, café, gym or supermarket, register as B2B to see our prices.

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