Healthy Snacks List
Healthy Snacks List
November 24, 2022
Scoopable Açaí
Scoopable Açaí
December 7, 2022

Top 11 benefits of Acerola cherry

Top 11 benefits of Acerola cherry

Top 11 benefits of Acerola cherry

The small, red, tropical fruit known as Acerola cherry is now worldwide famous for its incredible amount of vitamin C and of course, its flavour. This South American fruit has been exported to many different countries and has reached a ‘’superfruit’’ status, along with Açaí, Avocado and other fruits with amazing properties. Here we’re going to list 11 benefits of eating Acerola cherry aka Barbados Cherry and why you should include it in your daily routine.

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Acerola Origin

Native to the Americas, the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan is considered to be the home of Acerola cherry. It grows mostly in tropical places such as Brazil, Panama, Guatemala and Jamaica and it needs only about three to four weeks to be ready for harvest. After its vitamin C content was discovered, it has popularly grown around the globe and found its way to many different non-tropical countries as well. A simple fruit to be eaten, the taste is somewhat sweet and sour with a juicy texture. And don’t get confused about the size. This small cherry contains amazing amounts of antioxidants and other nutrients despite not being bigger than a grape.

acerola 2


1. Rich in Vitamin C

The powerhouse ingredient of Acerola cherry is definitely its Vitamin C content and all the benefits that come with it. It beats other famous “vitamin C” rich fruits like the orange or lemon. To give you an idea, only three acerola cherries are enough for you to reach the daily amount of vitamin C required for an adult.

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2. Great for Hair and nails

It all goes back to vitamin C. Studies have shown that it stimulates collagen production, essential to maintaining a healthy skin, hair and nails (most collagen supplements contain Vitamin C). As we get older, collagen production starts to diminish, so a Vitamin C intake may help slow down the signs of ageing.

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3. Immune boosting properties

There is no strong healthy body and good immunity without Vitamin C. The amount of the vitamin found in Acerola cherries is 50 times more than the amount found in an orange or lime, unknown to popular belief. The antioxidants present in Acerola cherries can stimulate immune response and help cure colds and viruses faster.

4. Improves brain health

Acerola cherries are rich in a source of plant compounds named anthocyanins. These substances help protect our brain from the damage caused by free radicals. By reducing oxidative stress, the anthocyanins work on memory loss reduction. So in other words, eating Acerola cherries may help maintain a healthy brain, with less inflammation and oxidation. 


5. Rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus

The Acerola cherry is, along with other superfruits like blueberries, açaí and strawberries, packed with a variety of different nutrients.

A simple 100 gm serving of Acerola cherries have the following nutritional content:

  • Calcium :12mg
  • Vitamin C: 1677mg
  • Vitamin A:767IU
  • Phosphorus: 11mg
  • Calories: 32
  • Fiber: 1.1 g
  • Iron: 0.2mg
  • Magnesium: 18mg

Calcium and phosphorus are the most abundant minerals found in the human body. They help build strong bones and teeth and are also related to the repair of tissues. While fibre aids digestion and iron is important for haemoglobin production, it is safe to say that Acerola cherries are incredibly beneficial to the function of our body in many aspects and body systems.

6. Rich in antioxidants

In the modern world, many foods that are part of our daily lives can be full of free radicals that harm our body. Butter, alcohol and processed meats all bring oxidative damage to our cells, so having a diet with fruits or food that contain high levels of antioxidants is essential to maintaining a good function of the major systems in our body: digestive, cardiovascular, urinary, respiratory and muscular are some examples. In good body function, we can have good quality sleep, store more energy and generally feel better and stronger throughout the day. 

acerola juice

7. Aids Digestion

Another benefit of Acerola cherries, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, is the enhanced metabolic function of the digestive system. The fruit promotes a response to gut inflammation and has been used as an aid for stomach pains and diarrhoea for years.

8. Raises Energy Levels

When the body is working at its full capacity, with a proper absorption of the nutrients boosted by a strong Vitamin C intake, we’re able to store and release energy in better capacity. Acerola cherries help the body to raise energy levels and to make the best out of your physical capacity.

9. Promotes a healthy skin

Thanks to the great amount of antioxidants, acerola cherry lowers the effects of ultraviolet-B radiation that we get from sun exposure. On top of that, it also contributes to a healthy, good looking skin.

10. Good for Diabetics

Acerola cherries also help control sugar levels in our body. Studies on polyphenols, which is an antioxidant present in the fruit, have shown it helps reduce the glucose flow in our bloodstream, thus controlling the main cause for diabetes while also preventing it.

acerola 3

11. Good for Eye health

Rich in carotenoids, a type of antioxidant found in tomatoes, carrots and oranges, the Acerola cherry helps with eye issues such as muscular degeneration and glaucoma. While also helping improve night vision and general eye health. So especially as people get older, they should include acerola cherries on their diet as well as other foods that promote eye health.


There are many super fruits around the world and each of them give us different benefits that continue to surprise scientists and people to this day with each new discovery. Acerola cherry is a powerful tropical fruit that is part of millions of people’s lives. Probably not many people know of all the good things we can get from Acerola, but now that you do, you can add it to your diet knowing it will improve many aspects of your health.

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