Healthy Snacks List

Goji Beryy - a tiny red fruit in a bowl
Goji Berry
August 20, 2019
Graviola - Spiky green fruit with a white pulp
Graviola – know all the benefits of this tropical fruit
September 2, 2019
Healthy Snack List - a bowl with fruits and grains

Healthy Snacks List – easy to adopt and to love!

Healthy snacks list is a menu of options of healthy food you can consume as a snack. Healthy snacks list are items you should include on your daily snacks. There are different options for all tastes and all situations. You can consume them “walking” (bars) or in cool hype healthy restaurants.

      Start by imagining your day to day situations you usually “need” your snack. Is it while “doing stuff” (working, walking, commuting etc)? Bars, dried seeds, chips, juices and vitamins are a good option. At home? Fruits with seeds and yoghurt, vitamins are a good call. Have the time to go to a fancy health restaurant? Deserts, bowls, cakes among innumerous healthy snacks are options for all flavours. Healthy snacks list include all flavors among previous described options: sweet, sour, bittersweet, salty, spicy etc.

      No excuses to be healthy.

      As you can see, there are no excuses in start adopting healthy snacks list in your daily snack time hours. Several options in innumerous flavors, found in supermarkets, grocery shops or restaurants. 

      Healthy Fruits? – snacks for all tastes

      Healthy fruits and their infinite derivates are excellent options for your healthy snack list.

      Acai can satisfy your snack time with a healthy and nutritious Acai bowl. Can be topping with dried seeds or fruits. Acai can also be found in smoothies, protein balls and juices. 

      Goji Berry is a red dried seed that can boost your day. Commonly found in bars or dried seeds, Goji Berry can be consumed with Acai bowl.

      Cupuacu is an Amazonian fruit that can be found as a good “desert type” of snack. And healthy! Mousses, cakes, jelly, chocolate are options among inumerous options for healthy snacks based on cupuacu

      Bars are always a good healthy option. They can be found almost anywhere. But always read carefully and pay attention to their composition. Prefer the ones you understand the ingredients, almost always natural components.