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Amazon fruits – fruits loaded with healthy benefits

Amazon Fruits - Brazilian Street Stores with a variety of fruits

Amazon fruits: understanding the discovery of new bioactive substances present in these tropical fruits with market usage

Amazon fruits – researchers’ hopes for new healthy benefits discoveries

Amazon fruits are focus of local researches (INPA – National Institute for Amazonian Research; UFAM – Federal Amazonian University Research Bio-Lab) and worldwide studies: 

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Amazon Rainforest Was Shaped by an Ancient Hunger for Fruits and Nuts

The importance of this tropical rainforest relies on the fact of its rich and non-exhaustive studied biodiversity. To illustrate this example, in 2011 Brazilian Government analysed only a sample of 04 extracts produced from Libidibia ferrea, Passiflora nitida, Caryocar vilosum and Protium sp thru Federal Amazonian University researchers. They discovered antioxidant properties among other vitamin and mineral presence. 

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 Amazon fruits – latest discoveries

Amazon fruits have been studied for decades. We have separated the latest health benefits discoveries by Embrapa and FAOSTAT.

i. Myrciaria dubia (Camu camu) – high levels of Vitamin C (40times the Orange) and antioxidants, blood fat regulation.

ii. Solanum sessiliflorum (Cubui) – blood sugar and cholesterol regulation.

iii. Ambelania acida (Pepino do Mato) – astringent and sore healing properties

iv. Garcinia gardneriana (Bacuripari) – cancer treatment (currently under study)

v. Lucuma caimito / Pouteria caimito (Abiu) – high levels of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C and minerals (calcium, iron, phosphor)

vi. Mauritia flexuosa (Buriti) – high levels of Vitamin A (20times the Carrot)

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