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August 29, 2020
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Nutrition - the importance of a health diet.

Nutrition: nutritious food for a healthy diet and health benefits

Nutrition: learn about nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet, the importance of adopting dietary guidelines that ensure a balanced and rich options menu.

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Understand the relationship between nutrition and healthy diet

Nutrition is the biological process to assimilate and absorb nutrients to ensure the functioning of our body.

So, what’s the relationship with healthy diet?

A healthy diet guarantees that we are starting this process “inputting the correct and most appropriate data”. In other words, what we eat is what starts our Nutrition biological process.


Australian dietary guidelines ( suggests that a healthy diet must include a diversified food menu: proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, minerals, vitamins etc. The nutrients that our body requires comes from different food sources, meaning common sense in your habits must always prevail (variety and quantity). We have different options to follow a healthy menu (fruits, vegetables, grains,  etc) with endless recipes for all tastes.

Natural or “in natura” food is really good them? As you can see, non-processed or non-industrialized food should be avoided. They contain substances that cause prejudice to our body like food preservatives, pigments, additives and high levels of sodium and sugar. So yes, in the preparing of your meals or snacks or your restaurant/bar menu, prefer always “in natura” ingredients.

06 benefits of a nutritious diet

It is not unusual to think that a menu based in nutritious food will help you lose weight. Or that you will have a great body. These are (why not good ?) side effects and consequences of a healthy diet. 


First and foremost, a diet rich in nutrients helps in:


  • Prevention of chronic  diseases
  • Improvement of our body’s immune  system
  • Regulation of bowel  movements
  • Increasing your day-to-day energy and willingness
  • Mood, aging and memory improvement
  • And of course: fit body and perfect health conditions


In a nutshell, allows the correct functioning of our body in all aspects!!!

Useful tips for your nutritious healthy menu


  • Diversify. Use a variety of food ingredients in preparing your meals and snacks. This is a key success factor for a healthy diet. We have not discovered yet a one and only superfood that contains all the nutrients we need. Each vegetable, each grain and each fruit has a unique combination of minerals and vitamins. 
  • Make a list of those cool healthy restaurants and bars and start putting them on the top of your list. Or if you are the owner of one, include healthy options on your menu.
  • Colours. Your plate should always have different colours

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