Pilates exercises: how about giving back healthy benefits for your body?

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Pilates exercises: how about giving back healthy benefits for your body?

Pilates Exercises - Pilates Instructor using pilates tools.

Pilates exercises: for all ages! A workout that can be adapted and customized according to your health condition

We are in the mid of a COVID-19 crisis, it is affecting the whole world in two main ways:

1 – Our mental and body healthy
2 – The world economy

We will not enter in those problems, our objective here is to show how to keep our mind and body healthy while we stay at home.

For this we have separated 4 pilates exercises that can help us to go through this moment of tension in a lighter and healthier way.

Remember, before start to do any exercise it is recommended to talk to your doctor.



Pilates exercises – brief introduction

Pilates exercises were created by Joseph Pilates. This German created a series of body exercises that can be practiced “free” or with exclusive Pilates’ equipment. One of its basic principles is that all exercises should involve conscious usage of body and mind. A complete awareness of this connection during all practice, including breathing process.

Pilates health benefits are well known / studied and do not represent a trend. Including the fact that these benefits are boosted with a healthy diet.

Follow this link If you wanna read more about yoga and pilates benefits.

Pilates exercises – 4 basic exercises to begin

We have separated 7 easy “for beginners” Pilates exercises so you can start practicing 2-3 times per week.

1. Abs Core

– benefits: strengthen core muscles (abs, back, pubis)

– lie flat with your legs squeezed togethers, arms stretched over your head. Inhale and slowly raise your arms, shoulders and upper body till you are seated while exhaling

– 6 to 8 repetitions


2. Hip Elevation

  1. – benefits: strengthen abs, lower back, thigh and buttocks muscles 

    – lie on your back with your knees bent  facing the ceiling. Sturdy arms by your side. Inhale and slowly raise your pubis, lower back to shoulders. Exhale while lifting one of your legs straight-forward towards the ceiling 

    – 6 to 8 repetitions each leg

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3. Quadruped Arm & Leg Raise

  1. – benefits: strengthen paravertebral and abs muscles 

    – kneel in “dog position”, keeping a strong, stable and abs squeeze contraction and back straightforward. Inhale, and slowly raise your left leg and right arm straight  forward positions. They must be parallel to the floor. Exhale and repeat for right leg and left arm. 

    – 10 repetitions each side

4. Scissor Kick

  1. – benefits: strengthen lower back, buttocks, paravertebral and abs muscles 

    – lie on your back and extend your legs, straightforward, towards the ceiling. The must be perpendicular to the floor. Put your hands behind your head and strengthen your abs (you can gently raise 15º keeping your upper body straightforward). Switch legs while one points to the ceiling and the other hovers above the floor (scissor movement). Remember to inhale and exhale.  

    – 8 full repetitions 

One of its key advantages is no restriction for practice. Nevertheless, always consult a certified professional to assist and support you.

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