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Acai bowls toppings: learn how to keep your acai bowl a healthy meal

10 delicious acai bowl toppings

Acai bowls toppings: delicious and nutritious. Learn tips to make your toppings healthier

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Acai bowls toppings – good guy or bad guy?

Acai is a tropical rainforest  fruit, usually purple coloured, extremely delicious and nutritious. Contains antioxidants, vitamins (B1, B2, C and E) and minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium) and is rich in good fatty acids, fibres and carbohydrates. Health benefits include aging, digestive system, blood, immune system among others. 


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So how can Acai bowls toppings be bad guys for our health? Well first, let’s understand briefly how acai came to be what we currently consume in a bowl: originally, acai pulp was consumed fresh adding types of flower or serving as a side dish for a fish meal. Due to its variety as an ingredient, acai pulp had sweet syrups (guarana, honey etc) added forming this rich and delicious cream. To begin with, be aware of what you put in your acai cream to sweeten it.

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Ok, so now let’s talk  about your toppings. You have:

  1. Fruits – use them! Berries, bananas, mango are good suggestions
  2. Nuts – moderate their usage, according to type. They can contain extra calories and fatty acids

    3. Seeds – excellent choice to boost health benefits. 

    4. Others (chocolate pieces, granola, cookies, extra sweeteners etc) – here lies your greatest risk to transform your acai bowl into a villain for your health. We are not saying to avoid them but use your common sense in their usage and amount. Your acai cream will not transform unhealthy food into healthy food. 

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