Acai from Brazil - A bowl full of acai and granola
Acai from Brazil
September 13, 2020
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October 23, 2020

Boost Your Diet with Healthy and Crunchy Granola


  Whether you’re already a fan of granola or are curious about the health benefits of incorporating the crunchy, delicious food into your meals – Tropical Brazil is here to tell you why we’re a big fan!

Not only does it taste great, contain ample good nutrients, and add a much-needed crunch to otherwise bland or mushy foods such as porridge, but it also stores great in your cupboard. Read on to learn why we always make sure to have a bag or two on hand.

The nutritional benefits of granola

No, granola doesn’t just taste amazing. Adding granola to your everyday diet comes along with a range of health benefits. Not only can granola help reduce your cholesterol naturally, but the crunchy oats prove a great source of fibre and iron as well. If the granola contains nuts or seeds as well you’ll secure unsaturated fats as well as some protein, too.

This makes granola a healthy food for all people, but perhaps especially vegetarians and vegans and other people who may struggle to secure sufficient iron from their foods.

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With granola, less is more

Despite all the healthy benefits of granola, many blends contain more sugar than many other cereals and oat mixes. That’s why granola works better as a garnish rather than the main meal. Instead of filling a bowl to the brim, consider unlocking its nutritional goodness by tossing a handful on top of an acai smoothie bowl. This will add crunch, taste, iron, and fibre galore without making your healthy food a sugar hit. For an on-the-go meal you can pour your granola straight into the blender to mix it in with the fruits and veggies.

Ways to enjoy your granola

Granola is a versatile and tasty food that can be transformed to suit many needs and occasions. You can mix it into your oatmeal porridge for some extra flavour and texture. You can blend it into peanut balls, or a homemade granola bar, or sprinkle it over your yoghurt or smoothie bowl. In a hurry? A handful to go can help soothe a rumbling stomach. Granola is simply such a versatile food that it pays off to have a bag at home for emergencies and everyday needs.

Introducing a new range of granola

As a trusted Australian stockist of the highest range fruit pulps and acai purees – Tropical Brazil is always on the lookout for healthy and delicious new products to introduce to Australians wanting to live healthier. To accompany our range of frozen pulps we’re excited to introduce our new range of delicious and nutritious granolas – just in time for summer!

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