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October 3, 2020
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November 11, 2020

Healthy recipes – Passion fruit pulp as a key ingredient

Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes – Passion fruit pulp option

Great Healthy recipes item – Did you know that Passion fruit pulp has the same healthy properties as the fresh Passion fruit? Collected and stored properly, you can include this practical ingredient in your Healthy recipes’ menu. According to Unifesp (Federal Brazilian University), frozen Passion fruit pulp can be used without flavour nor nutrient value significantly loss.

Enjoy health benefits from nutrients like pectin fiber; Vitamins A, B and C etc.

Besides the high level of Vitamin C in Acerola or Barbados cherry, the fruit contains loads of other healthy nutrients like calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1-B2-B3 and phosphorus. 

Healthy recipes – Healthy mousse and juice from Passion fruit pulp

According to Google Trends Australia, Passion fruit recipes is more searched in hot seasons.

– Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria regions demonstrate more interest in healthy recipes involving Passion fruit and Passion fruit pulp

Based on Unifesp and nutritionist Sheila Bastos, we separated two easy recipes that you can include in your restaurant healthy menu or when having friends and family at home. Of course, you can enjoy and benefit from Passion fruit healthy recipes in any meal and/or snack situation, alone or with friends. 

Frozen Passion fruit pulp Mousse

  1. Preparation time: 10 min
  2. Serving: 06 portions
  3. Ingredients: 
    1. 02 – packs of 100g passion fruit pulp 
    2. 01 – can of condensed milk (
    3. 01 – can of milk cream (
  4. Using your blender, blend condensed milk and milk cream  to obtain a uniform mixture. Include passion fruit pulp (unfrozen) and blend for 10 seconds. Put in a bowl for 04 hours in the refrigerator and enjoy!  Ready for consumption!

Frozen Passion fruit pulp Juice

  1. Preparation time: 05 min
  2. Serving: 01 portion
  3. Ingredients: 
    1. 01 – pack of 100g passion fruit pulp 
    2. 200ml of fresh cold water 
    3. 02 – mint leaves (optional)
  4. Using your blender, blend all ingredients above (Passion fruit pulp can be used frozen) and start enjoying your juice! 

Enjoy both recipes with your friends, family or prepare it for your customers in your restaurant or Coffee Shop!

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