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Healthy recipes – Passion fruit pulp as a key ingredient
October 23, 2020
Frozen Acai Tubs
Frozen Acai Tub
November 12, 2020

Buying acai in bulk

Buy frozen Açaí in bulk - acai bowl over a table full of acai berries

Buying acai in bulk: 2 (easy) steps to include or boost this Amazonian healthy berry in your menu

Buying acai in bulk: learn how easy it is to include acai based recipes in your restaurant / bar / gym / foodtruck healthy menu in 2 simple steps

Buying acai in bulk means you are including at least some type of acai-base dish on your healthy menu. Be it acai in a bowl (acai puree) or beverage or side dish, congrats! You serve healthy menu options. 

If you are just considering the “whys” you should include acai in your restaurant/bar/gym/foodtruck healthy menu, 

  1. Easy to purchase and store
  2. Easy to prepare without the need for additional cooking tools or freezers. Acai in a bowl needs a blender and a bowl. Acai juice needs a blender and glasses
  3. Needs no additional space (blender, your current freezer)
  4. Growing trend in Australia (and the world)

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In this Digital Era, we pay more attention to what we eat. The information we receive and have access to, allowed us to include more and more healthy food on our menu. Industry has responded, with examples of growing healthy options in fast-food menus: less salt, salad options, fruits, juices etc. 

And acai-based dishes have their place in this growing health trend. Loaded with nutrients and delicious. Yes, antioxidants are present among other vitamins and minerals.

And since the end of the 90s, this industry began to grow and mature worldwide.

Buying acai in bulk – Ok, so let’s go to the 2 steps to include this delicious and healthy option on your restaurant/bar/gym/foodtruck menu

Buying acai in bulk can be done in 2 simple steps:

Select a supplier. Worldwide you find an endless list of suppliers.

In Australia, among the top key suppliers, you have the option to choose Tropical Brazil.
Thru the information on your supplier’s website, contact him and just place your order.

That´s it! Simple.

Ok, let´s use a real case do help you start!


To purchase acai in bulk or other frozen pulp, clients should enquire thru Tropical’s Brazil website. Go to If you have no idea and need help or simply find it more simple, send an email to [email protected]. In any case, grab your phone and dial (02) 8407 9135 and have an assisted first time purchase or re-order your previous purchase. 

To purchase Coconut bowls, eco-friendly spoons and straws, and granola, you have the additional option to access Tropical Brazil’s ecommerce.

Tropical Brazil has a sales consultant that will visit your restaurant/bar/gym/foodtruck etc to provide assistance in all topics you will need to start or boost your acai healthy menu: samples, tips, recipes and answer any question or doubt you may have etc. 


Please find below, some frequently asked questions: 

  1. Are there any freight costs? – free of charge for orders above 02 units
  2. How can I pay? – thru paypal, invoice, cash on delivery or bank transfer
  3. What is the delivery area? – Australia
  4. Important tips!!!! – keep the product at -18ºC


Tropical Brazil’s frozen acai does not require the use of a blender! Just scoop up it and enjoy!

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