Acai Frozen packs
Acai frozen packets
June 8, 2021
How to make pure banana juice
How to make pure banana juice – tips to prepare a delicious and nutritious beverage
June 15, 2021

Coconut bowls and spoons – worldwide sustainable trend response to growing environmental conscience

Coconut Bowl and Spoon

Coconut bowls and spoons: Understand more about nature friendly, sustainable, “B-stamp”products for customer eco-friendly growing demand… you name it! Your friends and/or restaurant clients will appreciate this gesture

Coconut bowls and spoons: environmental and sustainable products are Learn more about nature-friendly bowls and spoons

 Coconut bowls and spoons – irreversible world trend

Not just for the looks! There are endless options, for all tastes, when it comes to
Coconut bowls and spoons . Types, sizes, colous. Just google it or walk in your favourite store in Australia, and you will understand what we’re saying. Ok, want more info because you are considering investing in eco-friendly products for your Aussie food business: we are talking about a +10% growing market according to CNN Asia-Pacific recent studies. Consider this effect along the Australian Healthy Food Value Chain.

Food industry players, from huge manufactures to small resellers and food trucks, are responding to this growing trend: customer market environmental awareness and eco conscious. Ingredients, menus, logistics and of course… bowls and spoons.

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Look and Feel – when it comes to food ware or “food accessorize” or or “porcelain” or “silverware” (bowls, spoons, dishes, forks, knives etc), eco-friendly products are not just sustainable products that “considers and respects nature” thru the whole value chain, but they are also unique and beautiful items. Nature does not produce two identical coconuts for two bowls. And try to find someone you know that doesn ́t  find nature beautiful and real… hence, exclusive and gorgeous “food ware” to serve your healthy menu to your family and friends or restaurant clients. 


Curious fact: did you know, according to the U.N  and several Brazilian research university centers, that coconut “ware” is among the top sustainable products? Endurance of product and production waste disposal were considered key coconut advantages. 


We have separated several healthy recipes (and info) to go along with your eco-friendly food ware! Click here!

Coconut bowls and spoons – how to be part of this world

Coconut bowls and spoons are made from what would be disposed coconut shells from the pulp industry extraction process. Local craftsmen “cleans, polishes and gives form” for coconut accessorize. Including food ware.

The production value chain is 100% eco-friendly and uses no artificial processes (e.g. natural coconut oil is used in the production process rather than petroleum derivatives).

Get the “wows” from friends, family and clients (FFCs) – serving a meal in coconut food ware is an experience your “FFCs” will never forget.

Are you a Restaurant or Cafe?

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