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June 15, 2021
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How to make pure banana juice – tips to prepare a delicious and nutritious beverage

How to make pure banana juice

How to make pure banana juice: learn more about this nutritious and versatile fruit

How to make pure banana juice: easy and simple. Enjoy the healthy benefits of this delicious beverage!

Banana is one of the most known tropical fruits  worldwide. It is also one of the healthiest options. This includes Australia.

Providing satiety with loads of vitamins and minerals, this fruit:

  1. Rich in Complex B Vitamin – B3, B5 and B6
  2. Rich in Vitamin A
  3. Rich in minerals: Potassium, Iron, Calcium

Health benefits include:

  1. Improves bone and joint health
  2. Regulates bowel  movements and our digestive system
  3. Improves eye health
acai 200g granola banana 1


How to make pure banana juice – easy 05min recipe

How to make a pure banana juice is an excellent question you should have the answer!


This healthy beverage is the perfect choice for those moments of your day when you are hungry for something nutritious and delicious… and that can be easily prepared in 05 minutes!!!

  1. Preparation time: 05min (06 medium-size glasses)
  2. Ingredients: 06 fresh bananas, 1000ml of fresh tap water, 04 ice cubes, 01 lemon, brown sugar (optional)
  3. Blend all ingredients, except for the lemon. When you obtain a uniform mixture, squeeze the lemon over the beverage, serve and enjoy! 

How to make pure banana juice – other healthy menu options

Banana is a versatile fruit when we ́re  talking about healthy menu options. Besides the well known “in natura” or fresh consumption form, it can:

  1. Substitute grains, oils, sweeteners in recipes (e.g. banana flower)
  2. Assemble a rich and diverse dessert menu (e.g. cake, dried)
  3. Be used as a side dish for meat (e.g. fish with grilled bananas)


Did you know you can obtain health  benefits from other fruits? Click here and learn more!!! 

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