Mango Fruit – sweet flavored nutritious fruit

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Mango Fruit – benefits of India’s and Pakistan’s national fruit

Mango Fruit (Mangifera indica L) is a fruit named from Malayalam Indian dialect meaning “fruit from mango tree” – tâmul mánkáy. Hence, it is considered the national fruit for India and Pakistan. It is also known as the queen of tropical fruits. Mango trees can be up to 35-40 meters tall. 

The fruit is harvested from different types of mango tropical trees, belonging to the cashew family Anacardiaceae ,  producing different types of mango. Usually red, yellow or orange (or their combination), its pulp can vary from soft smoothing pulp to fibrous sticky pulp. But always delicious and sweet, with a characteristic perfume. It must be always be consumed when the fruit is mature. You can tell this by gently pressuring the fruit: it must present a soft consistency. You can accelerate maturing process by wrapping Mango in newspaper for a couple of days.

Mango fruit is rich in vitamins and nutrients that produce health benefits related to digestive system regulation (bowel movements), blood pressure regulation and skin protection presenting antioxidant and immune properties. It also helps cholesterol and diabetes control.


Texas AgriLife researchers are studying the effects of Mango properties over certain types of cancer.

Mango Fruit – healthy basis for sauces, juices and desserts

According to Google Trends Australia, Mango and Mango fruit are the words more often used in search parameters in Australia related the fruit. It presented a stable search volume in the last 12 months.

Currently, there is an opportunity to increase menu options based on Mango in healthy beverages (juices and vitamins) and desserts. Since it is well known by Australians as a food ingredient in Japanese cuisine, sauces (or salsas) and drinks; its sweet and rich flavour combined with healthy benefits can be explored introducing new dishes on the menu. 

Using Mango pulp, you can make delicious and healthy sweet flavored juices, jellies and mousses. All with the characteristic tropical Mango perfume. They can be consumed as healthy snack options or accompanying meals.

Also using Mango pulp, you can tweak up your sauces and salsas options by adding this sweet flavored spice. Regardless for personal cuisine or restaurants, it is a low-cost easy storage and preparation ingredient. 

Another curious fact about Mango: even its kernel is used to produce animal feed.