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Mango Fruit – sweet flavored nutritious fruit
July 2, 2021
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July 4, 2021

Pineapple – one of the most famous tropical fruit

Pineapple - a tropical fruit

Pineapple or Abacaxi

Pineapple or Abacaxi, Ananas cmosus, is a fruit from one of the few Bromeliaceae family plants that produces eatable fruits. Its originally harvested in Central America and Caribbean region.

The fruit was named by local indigenous tribes “inaki ti”, which means “good smelling fruit” due to its rich sweet tropical smell. In English it is supposed to be originated from European explorers 1664 encounter with this fruit, resembling “pine cones”. The fruit has a hard-rough squamous skin, sometimes yellow, orange or green colored, with a “spikey crown top”. However, inside you will find its edible pulp, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Pineapple’s pulp is usually yellow or white, juicy and with a great level of water and fiber. Is has a sweet acid perfume, with an equally sweet refreshing flavor.

Good to eat

Pineapple fruit and Pineapple pulp are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Its bromelain enzymes have anti inflammatory properties. In Brazil, the juice is considered digestive and it’s common to find in restaurants and gyms.

Pineapple – endless options to increase your menu healthy options

According to Google Trends Australia, Pineapple and Pineapple fruit are showing growth trend in interest over time (already excluding the impact of other related words with Pineapple like festivals or resorts). 

As we can see in some Google Australia Trends figures, it is already well known in Australia, with potential to increase “awareness” of Pineapple fruit’s options for consumption. 

To begin with, to know if the fruit is ready for consumption (mature fruit), one must pull the “crown” and notice if it breaks loose easily. Another option is press your fingers against the fruit: it must be soft, but not too squishy. For fresh consumption, peel of the skin. 

The abacaxi is largely used in cooking of delicious and nutritious meals and deserts juices, and in the preparation of teas, wines, liqueurs and as a spice. It is also in the production of chemical compounds, link citric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), malic acid and bromelain.   

You can increase your menu options, preparing and offering delicious meals, desserts and beverages based on the fruit or Pineapple pulp. You can use it grilled as a delicious and nutritious side dish for your barbecue or prepare an incredible sweet and refreshing Pineapple mousse or cake. All this, accompanied by a nutritious Abacaxi juice, solely or with mint. 

Pineapple curiosity: each “pulp gummy” is an independent fruit that joined itself with the others during its growth. 

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