Pineapple - a tropical fruit
Pineapple – one of the most famous tropical fruit
July 3, 2021
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7 foods you should eat everyday – considering a healthier lifestyle?
July 5, 2021

Healthy eating: a healthy life is a balanced life. Eating is part of this equation

Heath Eating

Healthy eating: don't be a slave to strict diet’s menus. Knowing and understanding about food and their nutrients’ is key for a balanced and healthy diet

Healthy eating – 10 powerful and easy tips

Healthy eating is not rocket science. Of course, you can google for healthy menus and follow them by the book. But with these simple tips, you can learn how easy it is to this a natural daily habit.

By consulting nutritionists (Dra. Ferreti, Dra. Cyrulin, Dra. Devorais, Dra. Fiorillo, Dra. Martins) and World Health Organization (;;;, we have separated 10 easy tips for you to start making healthy choices!

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  1. Know what you ́re  eating: choose your food according to their nutrients. Choosing based on the number of calories should not be your only driver
  2. Learn how to balance: mix and combine food to have a balanced diet, with all the nutrients you need . You don’t  have to eliminate any type of food in your diet, but adequate the amount
  3. Look for your favorites: choose those flavors in all food groups that you fancy the most. For example, to eat whole grains you can pick from a variety of sources and recipes, not necessarily just “whole wheat bread”. If you have a balanced diet (tip above), you can include “junk food” occasionally and in specific amounts during your week
  4. Eat without fear: there are no “prohibited” food, unless you have a health condition that restricts your menu. Don’t be afraid of trying new flavors and don’t follow media food trends by the book (example: butter versus margarine, egg consumption etc). Healthy eating means you include variety (all food groups) without favoring any specific food (amount)
  5. Drink fresh water: this helps your body to “transport” all the hydro soluble vitamins 
  6. Be persistent: changing and adopting new habits isn’t  easy and does not occur in 2-3 days. To acquire this “food conscious” about what we eat and trying new flavours, takes time and getting used  to. Don’t aim for short term results
  7. Replace processed food for natural versions: whenever possible, replace processed meals or ingredients for natural food. Don’t  buy the processed canned tomato sauce, look for the natural prepared versions (read the food label – if there are ingredients you have no idea what it means, probably they are processed food conservatives and ingredients). Or for example, replace your wheat pasta for zucchini pasta. Drink natural juices made from frozen pulp 
  8. Enjoy your meal: eating should not be a source of suffering and constraints. If you follow all the above tips, you should discover your own tasty and balanced healthy food menu. 
  9. Don’t  skip meals: if you are considering this as a way to lose weight, think again. Our body will “understand” that you have energy consumption restriction and will lower our metabolism. This may cause prejudice to several body functions. And don’t  try to use this to “compensate” on a specific meal (example: skip lunch because of a junk food dinner). Once again, balance is key
  10. Bear in mind…your mind!: healthy eating also means healthy thinking. You will learn about food and their ingredients, recipes and options for endless balanced meals. A healthy mind is key to easily adopt these tips

Please note that if you have a need for special diet due to your health condition, please consult your physician / nutritionist.

Healthy eating – ok, so how do I begin? 03 simple Guidelines

You can and must start now your healthy eating habits! Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Lunch and Dinner based on vegetables: include them! They have all the nutrients your body needs: vitamins, minerals and fibers. 
  2. Replace white wheat for whole wheat: get more nutrients with lower levels of carbohydrates
  3. Include protein in your snacks: they require more energy to be digested and gives you satiety for more hours (e.g. egg sandwich)

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