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Coconut bowls – the eco-friendly bowls

Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls and eco-friendly coconut bowls are practical to understand the wooden bowl hype

Coconut bowls: fast and practical meals is a growing market. and they are practical, easy to use and storage

Wooden bowls – more than just a practical “plate”

Coconut bowls are a response to the growing demand (in Brazil, Australia and worldwide) of fast and practical easy-to-prepare foods. Including healthy menu options.

Bowls are an excellent option for these types of meals. Be at home or in your restaurant / bar / gym / food truck, they are easy to use.

Coconut bowls allow attractive dish assembly without the need to be a professional chef. They are best known for acai puree, poke and pasta consumption. But the only limit for food usage is your imagination! They also are very easy to hold and serve.

Originally, bowls were used for different purposes:

  1. Food serving
  2. Food transportation
  3. Food storage
  4. Food preparation (mix)
  5. Food marination
  6. Decorative purposes

We can find bowls in different sizes and colours. Also crafted on different materials, like for instance in glass, plastic, ceramic, and coconut, among other options. 

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bowls – eco-friendly coconut option

Coconut bowls are known to be used to serve acai puree in a bowl and other fruit pulp purees and creams. They go perfectly well with healthy food and give it a tropical twist.. And usually people with healthy eating habits also are concerned about eco-friendly products.

To learn more about the health benefits of acai, an amazing and delicious fruit, visit our blog!

Bowls can be found in eco-friendly materials like coconut. They are made from real coconuts that would be discarded after the water and pulp extraction.

Wooden bowls – Do it Yourself

Hand-crafted made coconuts are cut, polished, sanitized and coated in natural coconut oil. 

It’s not complicated to fabricate your own bowl, but it takes time and tools. You will need 6 materials and time.   


  1. 1 dried coconut
  2. Knife or scissor
  3. Saw
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Brush
  6. Coconut oil



  1. Remove the coconut water (make a 2cm hole)
  2. Mark your coconut in half (or in the sizes you want) and cut it open with the saw
  3. Hollow and extract the pulp
  4. Sand your coconut shell, using sandpaper and knife/scissors if needed
  5. Brush the coconut oil over the entire surface – let dry for 2-3 hours – repeat the process 5-6 times

For more information:

A great tip if you are planning to serve acai puree or other types of frozen pulps in puree or cream in your restaurant / bar / gym / food truck: use coconut bowls!

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