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Australian cashews bulk: understanding the market from extraction to commercialization

Australian cashews bulk: Cashew Fruit Tree

Australian cashews bulk: tips to be a relevant player for a beginner or a well-established food business

Australian cashew bulk – a brief introduction of this fruit and nut

Australian cashews bulk is an excellent choice if you are considering entering or leveraging your current Aussie food business. Australia is a mature and growing market for Cashew nuts, according to recent studies by the department of Food & Agriculture from the United Nations.

But first, let’s learn some basic information about this fruit:
i. Cashew fruit comes from cashew trees (Anacardium occidentale)
ii. Cashew nut or peanut is the “real fruit” (not the pulp, used in making juices or desserts)
iii. Cashew nuts or peanuts are rich in Vitamins (Complex B, E and K); amino acids; minerals (selenium, phosphor, manganese, zinc and potassium); and lutein and zeaxanthin
iv. Health benefits: blood regulation and skin/nail/hair improvement
For more information, browse FAOSTAT/UN and

Nuts are usually consumed after pre-baking the fruit and removing the skin. It can be consumed:
i. “Natural flavour”
ii. “Salty flavours”
iii. “Sweet flavours”

Australian cashews – the Aussie market

According to FAOSTAT, cashew nut is currently the third most consumed form of nut or peanut worldwide. We are talking about the US$2billion / year market with the United States representing 80% of demand. Australia has the ideal climate conditions to grow and harvest the fruit. Last year, 25 thousand tons were harvested by Aussie producers. Australian government has provided support in developing hybrid cashew trees more adapted to local climate conditions. And there are several researches to optimize production processes of cashew nuts, currently accounting for 60% of total costs.

Horticulture fact sheet

Purchasing Australian cashews in bulk is one of the best ways of entering or leveraging your food business. The nut is easy to purchase and store, with no additional investment needed. The key success factor is related to the selection of your supplier or suppliers. Check if they follow Australian government regulations and have all permits. Make sure they have “know how” by answering all doubts you may have related to harvesting, production, logistics conditions etc.

You can have the same healthy benefits using Cashew fruit (or pulp) in your Aussie food business.

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