May 6, 2020
CCoconut bowls and spoons

Coconut bowls and spoons – worldwide sustainable trend response to growing environmental conscience

Coconut bowls and spoons: Understand more about nature friendly, sustainable, “B-stamp”products for customer eco-friendly growing demand… you name it! Your friends and/or restaurant clients will appreciate […]
February 10, 2020
Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls – the eco-friendly bowls

Coconut bowls and eco-friendly coconut bowls are practical to understand the wooden bowl hype Coconut bowls: fast and practical meals is a growing market. and they […]
October 27, 2019
Reduce Plastic Consumption- Less Plastic - More Life

5 Simple Swaps to Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Did you know that every bit of plastic ever made still exists? Yes, you read that right. Single-use plastics tend to be used by humans for […]