Good Food to Eat
Good food to eat: the choice is in your hands. Living well is entirely up to you!
February 11, 2020
Introducing Cupuaçu Cream
Introducing Cupuaçu Cream to the Tropical Brazil Frozen Fruits Range
May 21, 2020

Frozen Pulps Detox

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Detox Made Easy with These Delicious Frozen Pulps

We’ve all likely heard about the health benefits of a detox. But in a busy day-to-day life, making changes to improve our wellbeing can often take a backseat. Tropical Brazil is beyond passionate about helping more people look after their bodies while living their best lives. To support busy Aussies, we’ve developed delicious and nutritious frozen pulp sachets is the ideal nutrition boost you need.

The benefits of detox

Today, to meet our busy lifestyles, our diets increasingly consist of processed and packaged foods, filled with unhealthy fats and sugars – foods that cause blood sugar spikes, weight gain, and brain fog. On the other hand, eating clean, and detoxing our bodies comes with a range of positive health benefits.

Detox diets rids your body of toxins and helps you develop healthy habits for life. It also comes with some awesome effects. From weight loss, to increased energy, slowed signs of aging, shinier hair, strengthened internal organs and improved thinking and much more – detoxing may just help you meet the day with more spring in your step.

Health and convenience in a single sachet

To help more people live healthier through eating delicious foods, we developed our frozen pulp sachets, propped full of nutritional goodness and flavour. We’re passionate about helping people make lasting lifestyle changes, and we believe those come from small changes over time. We’re known specialist importers of high-quality frozen fruit pulps and Açai from lush Brazil, supplying our customers with the highest quality nutrition, in a convenient sachet. Our sachets are easy to prepare, as all you need of detox goodness is in a frozen sachet. Simply throw it in the blender with some other flavours you enjoy for an on-the-go meal perfect for summer.

A pulp to suit any taste

We provide delicious flavours and healthy nutrients at the same time. Discover the delicious benefits of the frozen pulps available from Tropical Brazil.

Beta: Unlock the detox benefits and delicious flavours of acerola, apple, carrot, cucumber, mandarin, mango, orange, papaya, and peach, with a single Beta sachet.

Green: Do you prefer your smoothies leafy-green? We think you’ll love the frozen sachets of apple, Chinese broccoli, cucumber, green tea, mint, orange!

Purple: Are you wild for berries? You’ll love our purple blend jampacked with acai, apple, beetroot, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, ginger, grapes, raspberry, and strawberry. Blend it, pour it, sip it.

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