Acai Bowl Recipes
Acai bowl recipes
February 7, 2020
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Frozen Pulps Detox
April 1, 2020

Good food to eat: the choice is in your hands. Living well is entirely up to you!

Good Food to Eat

Good food to eat: it´s not just about your looks, it's about self-awareness and physical and mental illness prevention

Good food to eat – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Good food to eat means we are conscious about our menu. Not just for weight control or skin care . But to prevent a series of physical and emotional illness. We are respecting our natural body demands to “work appropriately”. For more information, look at our nutrition article.

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Açaí Original

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food " – Hippocrates.

A healthy menu provides us with physical and emotional wellbeing. Google it and you will find countless researches and studies in this area. 

There are a series of well-known  nutrient sources of food like vegetables and fruits. A really good and practical option for fruit consumption is frozen pulp. Be it for your restaurant/bar menu or at home. They can be used in simple preparations like juices, mousses or acai in a bowl to more sophisticated usage in sauces or dressings and cakes. Juices can be simple prepared by blending frozen pulp (solely or combination) and water. Acai puree can be just scooped out and served in a bowl with granola. 

If you are a restaurant/bar owner or want to serve frozen pulp options on your commercial establishment, click here for more information

Good food to eat – health benefits by eating well

Healthy food is rich in antioxidants. They are responsible for stopping free radical chain reaction, thus helping in the prevention of aging and chronic  diseases like diabetes for example Eating well also provides us with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals our body needs. It also prevents dehydration, since for example an orange has 91% of water and the tomato, 94%.

The sooner you start, the sooner you´ll reap the benefits. 

Convinced that Good food to eat pays off?

Good food to eat – 04 interesting things world health organization (WHO) has to say

Browsing through the World Health Organization’s articles and studies ( recommend that “eating well” should (1) start as soon as the baby is born. In other words, begin with breastfeeding. It allows healthy child growth, cognitive development and better weight control for adults. But even healthy food must respect (2) variety and (3) portion sizes. And is highly recommended that we complement it with (4) physical activities (doesńt have to be Cross Fit, 20min of daily walking is ok). The result is calorie ingestion = calorie burn. Some other healthy menu guidelines and recommendations: total fat ingestion under 30% / day (trans under 1%); total sugar ingestion under 10% (5% to boost health benefits) / day; total salt ingestion 5g / day. WHO members have agreed on a 30% salt reduction consumption policies till 2025 for health issues.

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