Guava fruit – exotic and tasty option

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Guava Fruit - 4 guava fruits over a table - one of them is opened. Light green outside and inside its pulp is light red smooth and full of seeds.

Guava fruit – a new healthy option on your menu

Guava, Psidium guajava L, from the Myrtaceae plant family, is originally from the American tropical regions. According to Embrapa (Brazilian government agribusiness R&D agency) Guava fruit was named by native Americans “Goiaba” from local Aruaque language term, coming from the Guava medium sized tree. Currently, Guava trees are cultivated in all tropical and subtropical regions around the world. 

Guava is considered (Embrapa / Texas AgriLife Research) a very aromatic fruit. Round-shaped, it can have a smooth or ruby skin, reaching 10-15cm diameter. Usually, its color varies from greenish to white and yellow tones. Guava fruit pulp can vary from white and dark pink to yellow and red orange tones. Hence, Guava and Guava fruit pulp are also considered decorative (healthy and consumable) food. 

Guava is considered “ready for consumption”, by Embrapa and USDA, when the fruit:


  • Presents a firm, but not hard nor mushy, consistency

  • Presents no bruises or insect marks on the fruit skin

Embrapa, USDA and Texas Agrilife consider that Guava fruit and Guava pulp consumption provides health benefits:

  1. Digestive system: Guava’s fibers regulates bowel movements and stomach acid pH 
  2. Antioxidants and Immune system: lycopene and C Vitamin prevent skin aging and enhance our bacteria and virus resistance
  3. Weight control: pectin presence Guava and Guava pulp provides the “I am full” sensation  
  4. Note: Guava’s astringent and anti-spasm properties helps in diarrhea treatment. People with chronic constipation issues must consult a physician before consuming Guava

Guava – healthy sweet dessert suggestions for you healthy menu

According to Google Trends Australia, Guava has a stable but low interest over time. Recently benefited by “Guava island trailer” or other searches, Guava fruit presents a growth trend in search relevance. This “relevance stability” is also reflected in an equal region search, with no Aussie region leading relevantly searches over the last 12 months.

Guava fruit growth search trend + already stable search base presents a great opportunity to include this ingredient in your healthy menu. Be it a restaurant, bar or home. 


Guava can be consumed fresh or used as the main ingredient in sweet desserts or beverages. Although hot so common, Guava fruit and Guava pulp can also be consumed in non-sweet dishes (e.g. salty jam for red meat coating). 

We separated two tips for Guava consumption from Embrapa and USDA:

  1. To benefit from all its nutrients, Guava must be mature (e.g. for Guava pulp juices, the Guava must be mature for flavour enhancement and will contain all the nutrients but in pulp sweet jam, Guava fruits are over mature and will not contain all the nutrients (see below)
  2. A type of “concentrated Guava pulp sweet jam” can be produced with over mature Guava fruits. You don’t have to throw them away. Also, this type of “Guava pulp” serving can be consumed solely as a dessert or be used as a sauce for red meat