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Reduce Plastic Consumption: 5 Tips to help
July 8, 2021
Guava Fruit - 4 guava fruits over a table - one of them is opened. Light green outside and inside its pulp is light red smooth and full of seeds.
Guava fruit – exotic and tasty option
July 10, 2021

Health food Shop

Health Food Shop

Health food shop – fruit pulp as a healthy recipe's option

first, let´s understand what we are talking about:

    1. Health food: your eating habits include food (meals, snacks, beverages, desserts) that contains nutrients essential for your health and wellness? Health food means you are consuming food that contain natural vitamins, fibers and minerals, and has positive effects on all body functions
    2. Shop: you can consider “A SHOP” or “TO SHOP”. We will consider the last one
  • Health food shop: the act of purchasing or acquiring healthy food, be it in a physical or online store
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Health food shop – fruit pulp

If you are purchasing for online fruit pulp, congrats! Healthy, cheap, practical to storage and easy to use, fruit pulps will increase your healthy food menu or healthy recipes’ list. You can go from fancy healthy desserts to delicious beverages, with a variety of colours, flavours and aromas.

To benefit from all the nutritious value of fruit pulp, you must pay attention to the fruit pulp supplier and logistics supplier. Although practical, fruit pulp is still fruit ( Meaning that like all-natural foods, from the harvesting to the delivering processes’, the quality of all processes’ will influence in the healthy quality of your fruit pulp online purchase.

Health food shop – Tips to purchase fruit pulp

You can purchase fruit pulp to use commercially in your restaurant / bar with new healthy and delicious options (don’t forget cheap and easy to store / use). Or to surprise your friends and family in gatherings. Regardless of the usage, be aware for online shopping:

  1. Fruit pulp “brand” – health food shopping for fruit pulps online are not like purchasing fresh fruits. You cannot touch or feel the fruit pulp. Considering all the processes involved from harvest to packaging, “brand” will guarantee that you are purchasing from a company/producer that uses “quality assurance” processes’ and has the care and understanding of the importance of this for nutritious value maintenance (from fresh fruit to frozen fruit pulp)
  2. Online shop choice – taking from the packaging process, your online shop will be responsible to delivering your fruit pulps in perfect conditions (storage, transportation, handling). Your health food shop (act of) must also consider your health food shop choice (store). 
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