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April 1, 2021
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April 23, 2021

Healthy lunchbox ideas

Healthy lunchbox ideas

Healthy lunchbox ideas: must have a menu , how to appropriately preserve food inside them, 5 ideas and tips on how to prepare them

Healthy lunchbox ideas – #musthave and #withkids

Healthy lunchbox ideas for our kids must involve the mixture between attractive and practical-easy healthy food. Why? This variety in the healthy menu is essential from the nutrition point of view. Attractive? Yes, take for granted that, usually, children have more openness in trying new food and won’t get sick of the same lunches every day. Practical and easy? Yes, consider that it is a daily routine.

And of course, it is highly recommended to include children on healthy food activities involved in all steps of food preparation. For more information, google Jamie Oliver on this theme for more information due to his great (and research based) works. Involve them by asking for their opinion on the menu. Of course, bear in mind a balanced diet

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Adopt every food group element in the lunchbox:

  1. Protein / dairy (there are growing)
  2. Fruit / Vegetable (vitamins and minerals)
  3. Carbohydrate (don’t forget, they are kids and burn a lot of energy)
  4. Beverage (hydrate the little ones)

Healthy lunchbox ideas – 5 complete lunches to begin

  1. Cherry tomatoes + whole grain bread with fruit jelly + quail eggs with olive oil + acerola juice
  2. Apple + whole grain bread with ricotta cheese + coconut water
  3. Pear + slice of whole wheat bun + half boiled egg + mango juice
  4. Boiled sweet corn + chicken stripes + apple juice
  5. Baby carrots + cream cracker with cream cheese + passion fruit juice

Healthy lunchbox ideas – how to preserve foods inside them

Nowadays, we have endless options of lunchboxes. Different types, sizes, functions, colours, materials and the list goes on and on. You can buy them in supermarkets or through the Internet.

The most indicated one for food preservation is thermal lunchbox for kids. One tip is to leave it in your refrigerator the night before you pack your kid’s lunches in them if you are using only non-warm options. They also need to be washed on a daily basis to avoid bacteria and odors.

If you have a cafeteria or snack / lunch bar serving kids, why not include natural juices and frozen fruit pulp recipes? Click in the button below!

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