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July 27, 2021
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July 27, 2021

How many Calories in a Acai Bowl?

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How many calories in an acai bowl? – 2 steps to understand

How many calories in an acai bowl? It’s a simple question, but first, let’s take a couple of minutes to REALLY (and in a simple way) understand “acai bowl”, an option to consume Acai berry.

Step 1 – How many calories in a “basic” Acai Bowl

When we are talking about serving Acai fruit in a bowl, we are talking about acai puree.

All the healthy benefits included… but in an extremely high caloric delicious berry fruit. According to USDA, every 100g of acai puree contains 70kcal of calories.

To simplify the answer to “How many calories in an acai bowl?”, let’s consider:

  • 100g acai puree: 70kcal
    1. + guarana syrup (sweet): +128kcal
    2. + granola: +12kcal
  • 100g acai puree + guarana syrup + granola + banana slices: 140kcal
AcaiCalories tratada 1

According to Globo TV and nutritionist/researcher Natalia de Oliveira, we can easily begin with the 70kcal / 100g of acai puree and go up to 140kcal / 100g with “addons” (  Of course, you will get loads of vitamins and minerals, but be aware of this “caloric superpower” with all the “addons” possibilities and portion sizes. Hence, we go to…

Step 2 – Identify Acai Bowl consumption “situation” – portion size and “addons”

In what type of “situation” will you serve and/or consume Acai bowl? 

  1. Meal or snack? – defines your “portion size” and “addons”. If you are replacing a meal, you can add granola, guarana syrup (or other type of sweet syrup), other pieces of fruit and consume around 500g of Acai bowl. If you are enjoying a healthy snack, 200g-300g should satisfy you. Regardless of meal or snack, “addons” or “toppings” is related to…
  2. Practice physical activities? – since acai puree can boost up calories according to “addons” or “toppings”, if you are not a regular calorie burner thru physical activities, try to stick to the “pure” acai puree and low portions (300g). Vivian da Silva Santos (USP – doc nº 10.11606/T.60.2014.tde-24012014-104902) studied the impact of all the health benefits BUT also the “caloric power” of acai.

Now you already know How many calories there are in an acai bowl so... Take a look at those 2 tips to wisely Enjoy!

Several USDA, Unicamp (Brazilian federal state university) and USP (Brazilian state university) have studied Acai berry fruit and all its variations. Search their sites (;; or google “how many calories in an acai bowl” and you will find serious studies. Key factors analyzed were related health benefits and impacts. In a nutshell, here are 2 useful tips to enjoy all the vitamins and minerals in an acai bowl without guilt:

Tip 1 – if you are considering including Acai bowl consumption in a regular basis (more than once a week), consult your nutritionist or physicist. Although extremely healthy food, acai berry is caloric and has vitamins and minerals that can be restrictive to you.

Tip 2 – it is recommended for “beginners” to consume acai puree in an acai bowl with at least 2 toppings: sweet syrup (previously blended with acai puree) and 1 sliced fruit (or granola). Acai berry has a very unique flavor that is enhanced by this two addons for first timers. Extremely practical to storage, prepare, serve and consume, you can leverage the “acai bowl experience”: bowl (resistant for picnics to ceramic to serve in a cool healthy restaurant), toppings (granola, slices of fruit or leaves of mint can enhance the “looks” of your acai bowl), spoon (metal, wood, colors) etc. 

Of course, not an official step or tip, but – Enjoy! Enjoy!

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