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October 17, 2019
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Lime – benefits of this multi-use fruit

Lime Fruit

Lime fruit – more about this well-known fruit

Lime fruit, Citrus, is a fruit harvested from trees approximately 4-6 meters tall all year long. There are innumerous varieties of Lime fruit, but usually there are round and oval shaped, with a green, yellow (lemon) or tangerine colored skin. 

There are four main types of Australian Limes: Australian desert lime (Citrus glauca), Australian finger lime (Citrus australasica), Australian lime (Citrus australis) and Blood lime (red finger lime × sweet orange / mandarin).

Lime Benefits

Lime fruit is considered to produce benefits for the digestive system, regulate blood acidity, reduce blood pressure and presents anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties ( and

Lime – healthy fruit basis for different menu options

According to Google Trends Australia, in the last 12 months:

As we can see in some Google Australia Trends figures, there is an increasing trend of growing interest in Lime fruit in Australia (not just the company named after the fruit). 

Regardless of Lime fruit interest growth be in fruits, plant cultivation, spice usage, flavour enhancer, cosmetics usage etc, the healthy segment of food industry can take advantage of Lime fruit. Since it is largely cultivated and available around the world, it does not present cost issues. Nor storage or lack of recipes. Due to its sour acid flavour, it can be used on the preparation of any dish, meal, snack, desserts and beverages (juices, vitamins, drinks).  

For example, there are multi-usage beverages options for Lime, both in natura and Lime Pulp. Non-alcoholic vitamins and famous drinks are Lime-based. For example, you can use Lime Pulp for Lime juices. Due to its refreshing “bitter-citrus” flavour it can be consumed solely or combined with almost any other fruit or pulp. It can also be added to vitamins for a “refreshing punch”. Of course, one famous alcoholic Lime fruit-based beverage is “Caipirinha”. 


Desserts for instance… mousses, ice cream, cakes, jams, jelly you name it! Lime fruit, in natura and Lime Pulp, can be used as a main ingredient of almost any dessert you can think of. For example, using Lime Pulp as a basis combined with the same ingredients in different measures (basically flour, sugar, eggs, milk and butter) you can make delicious different varieties of Lime fruit Cakes and Lime fruit Mousses. 

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