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Stress Less – Grow Resilience by Creating A Quality Routine

Stress Less

In a busy day-to-day, it’s easy to forget self-care. Indeed, it’s become a common descriptor today when people ask how we are to reply, “oh you know, keeping busy.” But along with keeping busy often comes stress – and stress can have detrimental effects on our sleep, productivity, wellbeing, and happiness. So how do we reduce stress and grow resilience? Through creating a healthy routine of self-care. Read on to learn how.

Mindfulness tips

Mindfulness is the act of appreciating and being mindful of the current moment. It can be slowing down while drinking that morning cup of coffee, or sitting quietly, simply acknowledging and appreciating feelings, thoughts, and sensations. Taking moments in our day to slow down and appreciate can do wonders to how we engage with our surroundings and how we perceive our current situation (be it a job, our family and friends, or something else).

Establish a healthy, nutrient-packed diet

Giving your body the nutrients it requires to work optimally is key to reducing stress. Foods can boost serotonin and reduce cortisol, blood pressure, and adrenaline while boosting your immune system.

Taking more care about what you eat is key to managing stress, but we know that many people forego healthy food choices because they’re already too busy. Fast food choices are easier in the moment, but the sugar, fat, and carb rich foods may be counteractive as they contribute to your rising stress levels later.

When you’re feeling snacky, eat some nuts. To avoid impulse meal purchases, plan your week’s meals ahead. For an on-the-go breakfast or a healthy after work out drink, make a delicious smoothie. With already prepared sachets of delicious frozen fruits, you’ll secure a wealth of all-natural vitamins, fibres, and other nutrients – and a delicious meal to boot.


We can’t stress this enough. Exercising regularly is key to managing stress-levels. Exercise boosts oxygen circulation and produces those feel-good endorphins. Try to incorporate short 30-minute bursts of aerobic exercise three to four times a week, we’re sure you’ll feel great for it!

Unlock the power of yoga and meditation

Meditation is an incredible tool that allows you to refocus your energy and thoughts in a stressful day-to-day. Don’t know how? There’s no reason to let that stop you with the number of apps and online guides available online. Find one that suits you and incorporate it into your routine. Even a few minutes of focused meditation a day can make a big difference.

If you’d like to pick your meditation up a notch, invest in a yoga mat and unlock the stress-reducing powers of yoga. Don’t worry you’re not expected to crack out the king pigeon pose, lotus pose, or firefly pose anytime soon. Start with mountain pose, child’s pose, downward facing dog and the warrior pose. Your mind and musculoskeletal system will thank you!

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