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Acai Bowl – brazilian amazon healthy dish

Açaí Bowl

Açaí Bowls - a brazilian classic and healthy superfood

Acai Bowls are a Brazilian superfood dishes made of puree and frozen acai palm fruit (scientific name: Euterpe Oleracea) which gives it a taste and looks like an ice cream. The Acai (ah-sigh-ee) can be found in some parts of the North region of Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest – the fruit looks similar to blueberries with a deep purple colour.

In the original recipes, as eaten in the North region of Brazil, it’s usually salty and could be combined with rice, beans, fish, meats and sometimes topped with cassava flour, but even in Brazil the fruit has become popular in its sweet version and can be found in the forms of juices, pulps, ice creams, creams and the famous bowls topped with granola, bananas and other fruits, as well as peanut butter and honey.

How Acai Bowls became so popular?

Acai bowls became popular in brazil because it’s very powerful – it’s considered one of the most complete and healthy foods, with high values of vitamins and minerals, anti-aging components and fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, by the way  people who enjoy a lifestyle and love to practice sports, like cyclists, runners and jiu-jitsu, yoga usually adding the Acai in their diet, because it’s boost energy. 

Acai Bowls became very popular in jiu-jitsu academies, sports centres, gyms and even by people who have nothing to do with sports but simply likes the taste, and nowadays it’s widespread through the country in restaurants and kiosks all over the coast.

Where can I buy Acai Bowls?

If you are a reseller, cafe, restaurant or gym, you can Enquiry it right here with us,  but if you just want to try, here are some places:

 1 – Bake Bar

 2 – Marini Cafe

 3 – Juice Box

4 – Sea Change

How can I prepare my Acai Bowl?

There is no rule to prepare yours, you can just mix it with a lot of toppings but, in the classic way Acai Bowls goes like this:

Classic Acai Bowl Recipe

  •   4 or 5 scoops (250 g) frozen acai
  •   1 banana in slices
  •   20 g of granola

 Yeap! Simple like that!

You can find more acai bowl’s recipes in our blog and if you want a acai bowl sachet click right here.

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