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October 12, 2021
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Wholesale frozen fruit online

Wholesale Frozen Fruit Online

Healthy food is in high demand! People are looking for healthier-tastier ways to feed themselves. Your business cannot afford to be left behind. Frozen fruits are a great alternative. As they are frozen you can buy in bulk to keep an ever-ready storage in your refrigerators when demand increases. Tropical Brazil provides you with a wider variety of frozen fruits in bulk directly from Brazil and Amazon Rainforest. Read on to learn the benefits of getting wholesale frozen fruit online to your business!

4 benefits you must know about bulk frozen fruit

Wholesale purchase benefits every kind of business. When you buy in bulk, the price per unit tends to go down, which means that you may be paying more in the present, but you are saving over time. 

As a result, profit margin is increased. Do you want to know other points of interest? Read on to learn them.

1. Buy less frequently

Besides lower prices, buying less often is a great benefit of wholesaling. If you buy products in bulk, the number of orders decrease. Thus, you gain more time to focus on other areas requiring more attention in your business.

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2. Large variety of products

Frozen fruits wholesalers maintain a large stock of various products to supply different markets. It is not like buying from a small shop offering only a few items, at a high cost and supplying just in emergencies.

3. Different payment methods

The wholesale frozen fruit online facilitates payment made by companies. Besides payment in cash, bank slip, and credit card you can also negotiate an installment plan and free shipping.

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4. Buying and Selling Online Opportunity

On trustful shopping sites of your preference like Tropical Brazil for instance, you can buy wholesale frozen fruits online. This means you will save much more time buying in bulk, with different options of payment and delivery at your establishment.

Check some of the frozen fruits which cannot be missing in your business

Businesses related to the healthy branch are now connected to restaurants, coffee shops and snack bars nearby to share the same target audience. 

A snack bar near a fitness center can build a loyal customer base including different types of juices and frozen fruits on the menu. Thus, see below some items cannot be missing!


Acai is one of the best-known fruits not only in Brazil but also overseas. It is found all over South and Central America, especially in the Amazon Rainforest. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, works providing the good functioning of the intestine, strengthens the immune system, and is a great ally in degenerative diseases prevention.

See further benefits of eating Acai!

In Tropical Brazil you can find frozen acai in bulk, grab & go with fruits such as guarana, banana, strawberry, including crunchy granola. Furthermore, acai frozen buckets are perfect to prepare creamy smoothie bowls.

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Cupuacu is a typical fruit from the Amazon region. It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C as well as antioxidants, amino acids, fibers, and minerals as calcium, phosphorous and selenium. 

This fruit can be used in different drinks and food preparations such as liqueurs, mousses, wines, jellies, and ice creams. The frozen pulp is perfect to make juices and smoothie bowls.

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This fruit is native to the Antilles but can be found all over the American Continent. It is rich in vitamin A, C, B Complex, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Its properties prevent premature aging and cholesterol as well as enhance immunity. 

The option with orange added enhances vitamin C, and other components such as flavonoids and beta-carotene prevent cholesterol.


Originally from South and Central America, this fruit conquered people’s taste all around the world due to its low-calorie and high-fiber levels. Besides, antioxidants are also present in this fruit. It has more vitamin C than an orange. 

Guava can be used in juices, sweets, jellies, and ice cream preparation.

Guava Fruit - 4 guava fruits over a table - one of them is opened. Light green outside and inside its pulp is light red smooth and full of seeds.

Cashew fruit

Did you know that the cashew fruit is the nut and not the red pulp? Even so, the pulp is rich in various nutrients such as vitamins A, C. B Complex, E, and K. Components as iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, zinc, and potassium are also present in the pulp. 

It is perfect to enhance immunity, promote cardiovascular health, improve digestion, and even help kidneys functioning properly.


Green coconut water reminds summer days on the beach. However, its pulp can be consumed all year long. Coconut frozen pulp has anti-inflammatory properties, potassium, and it is also high-fiber and an excellent source of energy!


Another fruit found in the Amazon region is graviola. Its green bark with little thorns holds inside a treasure: the pulp. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are some of this fruit benefits. 

When your customer drinks graviola juices and smoothies bowls, they are taking vitamin C, potassium, B Complex, flavonoids, fibers, and calcium.

Frozen pulps benefit your business

Freezing fruits is an efficient process to take fruits without spoilage from the continent to Australia. Another important point is that the process preserves the fruits’ nutritional values. Thus, frozen products can be used to make creamy juices, smoothies bowls, and even ice creams!

While industrialized juices contain sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring, and flavoring, frozen pulps maintain all fruit benefits without chemical products addition which would be harmful to people’s health.

Did you realize how much value frozen fruits can add to your business? Buying in bulks is perfect for company financial health! Please contact us for a wholesale frozen fruit quotation. Meanwhile, read on our post Top 10 frozen fruit pulps for wholesale!

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