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Frozen Acai Tub
November 12, 2020
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January 14, 2021

Antioxidant – what is and presence in fruit pulps

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Antioxidant – understand the process

Antioxidant is a term back in general public, hence media presence, interest. Google trends illustrate this in Australia, where the “Antioxidant” is a keyword with high level of interest over time, with Northern Territory region leading followed equally by all other Aussie regions.

But do you really, and a simple way, know what is antioxidant, its role and how to leverage its presence?

  1. Antioxidant is a chemical substance with a key role to “protect” our cells from free radicals
  2. Free radicals are “unstable molecules” (molecules with no electron presence) generated from our body´s process of converting nutrients into energy using oxygen
  3. These “unstable molecules” or free radicals “seek” stable molecules to minimize this instability (electron search) causing damage to this stable molecules
  4. A.K.A: cell aging, lowering of the immune system etc
  5. Source: Dra. Patricia Leite, nutritionist, researcher and lecture / spokeswoman, B2B consultant, high athlete performer enhancer, Boa Forma site editor (Top 10 Portuguese health and wellness Internet site)

Of course, there are other well-known free radicals sources (not just our natural body function process described above). USDA states some: non-protected sun exposure, tabaco consumption, alcoholic beverages consumption, pollution exposure, stress etc. That is why USDA recommends a healthy diet besides avoiding theses habits / exposure: leverage antioxidant presence thru healthy menu and lower free radicals sources. 

In a nutshell: you will produce free radicals naturally to produce energy. You will age. The good news: antioxidant minimizes its consequences, and our body is prepared to minimize 99% of these effects. 

Antioxidant – healthy flavor options

  • Since we will naturally produce free radicals, we will naturally benefit from antioxidants. But where can we find them? And with countless healthy and delicious options for preparation and consumption? 

    Simple: fruit, fresh or in pulp form. According to Embrapa ((Brazilian government agribusiness R&D agency) and USDA, fruits and vegetables are the key natural sources of antioxidants. You can use fresh fruits or fruit pulp to prepare healthy meal options, rich of antioxidants:

    1. Mango
    2. Cashew
    3. Passion Fruit
    4. Guava
    5. Pineapple
    6. Goji Berry
    7. Cupuacu

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