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July 27, 2021
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July 27, 2021

Bulk frozen fruits

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Bulk frozen fruits: growing demand from a healthier and more conscious lifestyle

Bulk frozen fruits – understand this market and its trends

Adopting the usage of frozen fruits is a practical and easy option for our busy daily life. Less time to spend on food preparation and less time to go to the market to purchase “fresh” and healthy ingredients makes using frozen food ingredients a growing demand.

But be aware that not all frozen food ingredients are healthy and have the same qualities of its fresh or “in natura” version.

Frozen fruit pulp is an excellent choice! Why? Because well produced and handled / stored, they keep the same health benefits as the fruit.

For your food business, selecting quality suppliers that follows Australian Food regulation and presents all permits is half the way to enter or leverage your healthy food menu. The other half is easy: selecting and adapting your menu (your supplier can and must support this process with knowledge and experience). There is no need for additional investment in your restaurant, cafe shop or juice bar. Bulk frozen fruits are easy to handle and store, using your current refrigerator, kitchen appliances and food ware.

Lime 1
Lime Frozen Pulp

Bulk frozen fruits – Australia supplier

It is often very difficult to get a good wholesale frozen fruit supplier, especially when they are Brazilian fruits. Here in australia there are a number of regulations that must be respected and this is not always the case.

Tropical Brazil is here to solve this problem. In addition to complying with all import regulations from australia, we work exclusively with the frozen fruit pulps of Mais Fruta, one of the largest exporters of frozen fruits in Brazil. We have a strong quality control from production to distribution.

Some frozen fruits pulp to bulk

We have separated some Frozen Fruits Pulp that you can Enquire for your store:

Acai Original

Acai Pure

Cashew Fruit Pulp

Acerola Pulp – Barbados Cherry

If you want to see all our frozen products, please, follow the link bellow:

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