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July 27, 2021
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July 27, 2021

How an Athlete should eat

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How an Athlete should eat: be conscious about the importance of a “healthy menu” to complement and leverage your “training menu”

rigorous discipline, like any other aspect of an Athletes’ lifestyle

How an Athlete Should Eat – eating habits are an essential part of an athletes’ strategy to obtain desired results

Doesn’t matter if you are a high-performance athlete or just practices exercise for a healthy lifestyle: you have a goal regarding “why” you practice exercises.

By the way, a healthy menu is key to obtain your goals. It is as important as sleeping hours and the correct and planned practice of exercises. And it must be according to type, intensity, regularity, practice hours etc of the exercises you practice. Basically, the amount of carbohydrates and proteins will vary according to:

  1. Objective and type: strength or endurance
  2. Moment: gain or lose weight (muscle and fat)
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Luana Marchi
So, How an Athlete should eat depends exactly on these factors.
  1. Endurance / weight lost

– exercises and practices involving high levels of energy consumption
– complex carbohydrates: provide long-term energy and satiety
– examples: whole grain base food, lentils, chickpeas, carrots, peanuts

  1. Strength / weight gain

– exercises and practices involving increase of muscle mass
– proteins: provide muscle building “inputs”
– examples: chicken meat, salmon fish meat, tuna fish meat, egg, cheese, avocado, milk derivatives , beans

All diets should include a variety of food options, among the Australian food groups. And always follow a certified professional guidance.

Follow the link to know more about Nutrition

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