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July 27, 2021
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Pitaya plus Acai

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Pitaya plus Acai: include these delicious healthy options on your daily diet! Easy to prepare and packed with nutrients

04 easy to prepare exotic and delicious recipes of Pitaya plus Açaí

Exotic, rich in flavours and nutrients:

There is no doubt that good eating habits are one of the key success factors for a long and happy life, according to the AIHW Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and AIPT Australian Institute of Personal Trainers both sites state the importance of having good eating habits. Source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, fruits are among the food groups that are part of a healthy menu to know more about it check the Eat for Health 

So, Pitaya or Dragon Fruit plus Acai are among the endless options you have to boost your healthy menu:

  1. Pitaya
  • White, reddish and yellow coloured fruits
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals essential for our immune and digestive systems. Important role for cholesterol, aging and sugar regulation. 

Another sources: Northern Territory Goverment

  1. Acai
  • Purple coloured fruits
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals essential for degenerative and aging prevention. Important role for boosting your daily energy.
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Inside a Pitaya or Dragon Fruit

We have separated 04 easy to prepare recipes so you can start or leverage your consumption of these exotic fruits: 01 for Pitaya plus Acai, 02 for Pitaya and 01 for Acai.

  1. Pitaya plus Acai ice cream

– Preparation time: 10minutes + 01h00 preparation + 03h00 of refrigerator

– Serving: 10 portions

– Ingredients: 500g of acai fruit pulp, 02 fresh pitayas, 10 fresh strawberries, 2 tea cups  of water

– First, blend the acai with water. Separate in 10 baby food cups (or equivalent, important that your cups have a lid) and leave for 01h00 in your freezer. Blend the pitayas and strawberries and pour over your acai base. Leave for an additional 03h00 in your freezer. Enjoy immediately!


  1. Pitaya juice

– Preparation time: 10minutes

– Serving: 03 portions

– Ingredients: 03 cups of sliced pitaya (without the skin), ¼ cup of mint leaves, 01 cup of sliced pineapple (without the skin), 03 sliced fresh figs, 2 cups of cold water, sweetener (optional)

– Blend all ingredients and sweeten according to your preference. Enjoy immediately! 


  1. Pitaya ice cream

– Preparation time: 10minutes + 08h00 preparation + 03h00 freezer

– Serving: 03 portions

– Ingredients: 01 red pitaya fresh pulp, ½ cup of fresh coconut milk, ¾ cup of raw cashew nut, 2 to 4 teaspoons of demerara sugar (according to your preference), ¼ cup of grated fresh coconut (optional)

– First, rest the cashew nuts in water for 8h. Drain them and blend all ingredients. Leave for at least 3h in the freezer. Enjoy and decorate with the grated fresh coconut! 


  1. Acai Jelly

– Preparation time: 10minutes + 03h00 refrigerator

– Serving: 04 portions

– Ingredients: 500ml of acai juice, 1 pack of natural jelly (~85g, flavourless), 1 teacup of non-fat milk (soymilk or your favourite natural milk), 440g of non-fat natural yogurt, 2 tablespoons of natural honey

– First, prepare the jelly base with acai juice, natural jelly and milk following the instructions of your natural jelly supplier. Leave this preparation in your refrigerator for 3hs. Slice the jelly base in little pieces (3cm x 3cm). Blend the yogurt and honey and pour over the jelly. Enjoy immediately! 

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